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orange toast: perspectives

Engaged or not Engaged, What is your workforce?

Leadership and management are often asking themselves these two questions;  How can our team be more motivated? How can they be more engaged while at work? These questions are leading management teams to the idea of creating the workplace as a “Third Space”.  The First Space (home), second space (work), third space (collaborative environment).  The […]

coG Studio 20 Apr ’18 by Alisha Hale

Third Space Is Your Space

When you’re seeking that comfort zone between work and home, there is a “third place” for you. This popular concept has flourished recently, even though it’s not a new idea. Think of your local coffee shop, or green space. Community-oriented business development and public space are receiving renewed interest in urban planning literature and professional […]

coG Studio 20 Nov ’16 by kate knight

without sight, not without vision

As designers it is our job to create spaces that are beautiful to look at, and we rely on our sight in every aspect of our jobs, from choosing carpet samples, to deciding on a layout of navigation through a space. One designer is creating spaces despite lacking this seemingly necessary sense. Chris Downey is […]

coG Studio 28 Oct ’16 by jessica frakes

Celebrating the Shift in Architecture

This week many architects, engineers, church groups, and students gathered to celebrate the shift in Architecture.   The National Museum of African American History and Culture opened last Saturday to the public. The Act of Congress established it in 2003, to highlight the culture and the history of African Americans.  The long awaited moment has finally […]

coG Studio 30 Sep ’16 by Chandra.Moore

Birwood Wall

With so much talk recently (from a certain politician) about building walls I thought it appropriate to talk about a wall we have right here in Detroit. I am not talking about a metaphorical wall of divide between classes, races, or sexes but an actual wall that was built to divide a white neighborhood from […]

coG Studio 9 Sep ’16 by Mollie Decker

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