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Summer Learning Loss: True or False?

Now that kids are out of school for summer, the Summer Learning Loss or “Summer Slide” is true.  “Summer Slide” is the lose of learning through the summer months when children are not in the classroom. The level of lost learning is greater based on socio-economic status.  The poorer the family, the loss is greater. “The equivalent of one Month of overall learning is lost after summer vacation.”


If students read four to five books during the summer they will see an increase in their reading when they are back in school.  Some great ways to incorporate reading into your child’s summer is to allow them to read anywhere. Possibly during their down time at night or take a book with them at the park, while you are camping or at the beach.

When looking at Mathematics, There is about 2.6 months lost of grade level equivalency during the summer months. By going over flash cards or doing math work books for half an hour a day with your kids can help improve their retention over the summer. This equates to about 2-3 hours a week helping your kids remember what they have already learned.

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This Summer Learning Loss is very scary considering how hard kids work during the school year to achieve their goals. There is hope, there are many tech tools out there to assist parents in stopping “Summer Slide”.
One free option is called Khan Academy, which has subjects from Kindergarten through High School. It also has preparation for SAT and MCAT for High School Students.

ABC Mouse is another great, fun option as well, which has been personally tested and approved in my home. This website is geared for ages 2-7 but it allows for interactive learning.

Even though summer learning lose is very real, parents can work with their kids to minimize its effects on the following school year. Continue having a safe active summer with physical activities as well as learning activities!

22 Jul ’16 by Alisha Hale

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