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orange toast: perspectives

Engaged or not Engaged, What is your workforce?

Leadership and management are often asking themselves these two questions;  How can our team be more motivated? How can they be more engaged while at work? These questions are leading management teams to the idea of creating the workplace as a “Third Space”.  The First Space (home), second space (work), third space (collaborative environment).  The third space is also the feeling that people have while surrounded by the walls of the building.  This feeling is aesthetics, optional work spaces away from their desks, different collaborative spaces as well as creating a welcoming environment for their employees to be more engaged and thrive during the daily grind.

According to the Staples Business Advantage Workplace Index 2016, 16% of individuals interviewed stated that a more collaborative breakroom and a better office design would help their productivity at work.  Workplace distractions also impact productivity, allowing individuals that need quiet, its available to them.  This is an area that architectural and interior designers can have a solution to when thinking about the third space concept.  Among other factors that contribute to employee happiness and engagement are longer hours spent in the office, physical discomfort and burnout.  To ease some of these concerns, redesigning the space can be an immediate fix including change in office furniture, research the flow of the office and understanding the culture of the organization.  However, others take real solutions from the management team to make changes to the overall values of the company.

With employees spending more and more time at work there are changes that employees feel would make their time more comfortable.  According to the Staples Business Advantage Workplace Index 2016 survey, 43% interviewed would like to see more attention paid to the workplace design, with respondents also siting a desire for natural light, private spaces, standing desks, lounge areas and ergonomic/ flexible furniture for multiple uses.  Design of office spaces isn’t just a luxury, it can be a real contributor to combat turnover and burnout.   Making the space more comfortable, will in turn make the employees engaged while they are in the office.

20 Apr ’18 by Alisha Hale

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