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orange toast: perspectives

Urban Play Interventions Improve Access to Well-being

Play—daily play—is an integral factor in the quality of children’s development and well-being. Too often, parents and caregivers are not adequately enabled to include active and creative play in daily activities for their children or themselves. Image Source & Credit: Aisha Alexander, Director of Community Initiatives at Kaboom (an organization that advocates for play […]

coG Studio 24 Jun ’16 by Kara Klein

Today’s Architecture: Boring or Blank canvas?

It is disturbing to see a group of talented individuals, who have been given the opportunity to create the world, fail to unite together to create change. The architecture world lost two architects this year, Howard Sims and a personal favorite who was loved dearly, Zaha Hadid. She was one of the greatest architects that […]

coG Studio 13 Jun ’16 by Chandra.Moore

The Tangled Threads of Design

Fashion & Interior Design- Is there really a difference? There are endless examples of how the paths of interior design and fashion intertwine. This connection is achieved through a shared design language: elements of materiality, and concepts of form, shape and space. Through these strategies, it becomes obvious that they would be informed by the […]

coG Studio 20 May ’16 by jessica frakes

Earthen Architecture; looking to the past to inspire the future

Inspiration for a sustainable future of architecture can often be found in unlikely places; including the past. Earthen architecture, or architecture created from mud, cob, sod, clay, adobe, and other variations and concoctions of the “earth” has been implemented by humans for thousands of years. Since this building material is literally under ones feet, it […]

coG Studio 6 May ’16 by Mollie Decker

Welcome the Season with a Pot or Three

Does your heart sing when you behold a concrete urn filled with ivy and geraniums? I know the feeling. Nothing welcomes, signals, beckons through a door like a gorgeous, well-designed container of plant material. Container gardening is an excellent way to bring a variety of color and plant happiness to your door and patio. It’s […]

coG Studio 29 Apr ’16 by kate knight

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