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10 Unique Ways to Create Play in Your Neighborhood

Many kids today love video games, talking on the phone, searching the internet, and watching television.  Technology today has taken over every child’s mind, that sometimes they forget how to play. Its even harder for adults to get their child outside to play or even interact with their child due to all the technology.  Play has lost its luster, because we as adults think that what worked for us, works for them today.  You have to think like a child or a young teen, in order to understand the world they live in today.  This is not only true for Play, but also Education.  If we were to change the way we think about typical spaces and stimulate the child’s mind, every child will want to learn more. We have to learn as adults to create collaboration between our world and what works for a child today.

Here are 10 unique ways you can create collaboration through play in your neighborhood.


 1. Spruce up a park like with our friends KaBOOM

2. Create a Sunken Trampoline in your yard

3. Decorate a Tree, only for the day of course!

4. Create a 4 mile long hopscotch in your community

5. Run through a field of balloons

6. In the winter, create sun catchers with dye and snow

7. Decorate the alley or a side of your building and create movie’s in the alley

8. Re-create your favorite childhood game in a very large scale – Twister

9. Create a “Fort” and sit under the stars

10. Have movie night in your neighborhood and don’t forget the wagon of refreshments.

During your time of play, you always have to have food and of course clean up.  Here are some creative food choices everyone will enjoy!



1. Chick-eggs

2. Carmel Apple Slices dipped in chocolate

3. A travel kit of all sorts of energy snacks

4. Fun radishes

5. Toddler lunch trays made from ice trays

6. The day isn’t complete without a bath, continue the play with bathtub soap crayons

8 Mar ’13 by Chandra.Moore

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