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orange toast: perspectives

Top Interior Trends Of 2018

There’s a growing trend that moves completely away from the Scandinavian, minimalism that has dominated interiors for the past few years. With this aesthetic, the more the merrier! Combining a variety of elements to create a unique environment, specifically through layering contrasting patterns and textures, along with rich textiles, such as velvet. These incredibly extravagant interiors, bring out a new boldness and a new found freedom for self-expression and celebrating individualism.

Palazzo Fendi VIP apartment by DIMORESTUDIO. Photography by Andrea Ferrari.













Tone-on-tone pastels: layering shades of the same color. Top pastel colors this year are lilac, primrose pink, peach orange, celery, avocado, and lemon yellow. These pastels are seen paired with warm and earthy tones like terracotta, chocolate, beige, and mushroom. Navy blue and milky white are the new black and white. Overall we are seeing a new lightness and sophistication, with calming and tonal elements which appeals more to the minimalist.

Photography by Elleseal.


Depicted below, is a Hungarian Café designed by Kissmiklos, that utilizes these pastel colors beautifully. The velvet covered seating provides a bold contrast to these light hues. Marble-topped bistro tables and a custom wall covering, depicting illustrations of plants and birds polish off the look.

Photography by Balint Jaksa.

Photography by Balint Jaksa.


In the past few years, office design has  a growing trend in revamping our work environments. Pushing the envelope even further, designers are dissolving the lines between hospitality and office and re-defining what the office is and what it can become. Focusing more on how a space makes you feel, rather than purely for function is a major driving point in this. This is seen mainly though incorporating designated ‘leisure areas’ throughout the space. These areas are essentially designed to feel like living rooms, generating a much more comfortable atmosphere.

Photography by

West elm’s Workspace defines this as “life in-between offices” and breaks up the floor plan into a variety of experiences and atmospheres, creating a very versatile design that adheres to every type of person.


Going above and beyond what we know to be a “recycled” aesthetic, and shedding light on how design can impact our society and environment in a positive way, while still retaining the aesthetic. sustainable yet slick surfaces, that are visually much more sophisticated than we’ve seen before.
In addition to this, we are seeing a lot of bleached maple, Carrara marble, and gold and brass metals. Materials and elements that are handcrafted or that tell a story. This trend can be seen in everything from textiles and bed linens, to sculptural art pieces and handmade ceramics. Specifically, terra cotta is increasingly growing in popularity due to its rich and earthy tones and can be seen both as a material, and also as an accent color. Kitchen backsplashes, are incorporating natural and exotic stones, as well as much thicker tiles, which generate a more rustic appeal. Atrafloor has introduced a vinyl flooring that looks like a ceramic with the durability of vinyl.

Photography by Atrafloor.

Vases by Mini Yuki & Micro Yuki


8 May ’18 by jessica frakes

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