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orange toast: perspectives

tag: health

are you in tune with your circadian rhythm?

Have you ever felt sleepy mid-day for no reason at all, or experienced extreme jet lag? Our internal, biological clocks regulate our sleep and drive our circadian rhythms. These are consist of typical 24-hour cycles of physical, mental and behavioral changes. Most people are unaware of just how important our master clocks are and how […]

coG Studio 29 Aug ’16 by jessica frakes

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Summer Learning Loss: True or False?

Now that kids are out of school for summer, the Summer Learning Loss or “Summer Slide” is true.  “Summer Slide” is the lose of learning through the summer months when children are not in the classroom. The level of lost learning is greater based on socio-economic status.  The poorer the family, the loss is greater. “The […]

coG Studio 22 Jul ’16 by Alisha Hale

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Productivity: Increase It

As designers keep thinking of ways to utilize spaces, managers are trying to best utilize employees. It only makes sense that these worlds collide, but not in the way you would traditionally think. There have been studies shown that naps during the day can actually make you more productive. So much so, a Polish Designer […]

coG Studio 22 Apr ’16 by Alisha Hale

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Tiny Movement of the Future

Trying to take a step back and think about downsizing and how to save money, isn’t an easy task. There are a lot of things that working individuals are more and more aware of and are striving to find like economic freedom, a work life balance and to be more earth conscious. With hearing more […]

coG Studio 7 Aug ’15 by Alisha Hale

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Art Cures

Depression is becoming more and more common in young people. Rather than embracing life with their adolescence, their drained of willpower and hope. Feeling apathetic and overwhelmed, many seek guidance to find the hope they’ve lost. Art Therapy has become a major tool in helping people find their inner happiness. In utilizing both body and […]

coG Studio 3 Jun ’15 by jessica frakes

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