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orange toast: perspectives

tag: Healthier cities

are you in tune with your circadian rhythm?

Have you ever felt sleepy mid-day for no reason at all, or experienced extreme jet lag? Our internal, biological clocks regulate our sleep and drive our circadian rhythms. These are consist of typical 24-hour cycles of physical, mental and behavioral changes. Most people are unaware of just how important our master clocks are and how […]

coG Studio 29 Aug ’16 by jessica frakes

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In Step with Spring: Exploring outdoor exercise with children

If for only a brief moment, winter has the right idea: It’s time to take a hike! Spring has officially sprung, and has extended to us the invitation to take our daily dose of exercise outdoors. According to Let’s Move, the child-centered health initiative spearheaded by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, “Children of all ages […]

coG Studio 18 Apr ’14 by Kara Klein

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Healthy, Creative, and Fun: Let’s Eat!

Summer is officially over, the kids are back in school and the holidays are approaching.  It can be difficult to eat healthy in the fall and winter.  Everyone moves less and eats more in these seasons. Healthy eating can stabilize a child’s energy, sharpen their minds and even out their moods.  There are steps parents […]

coG Studio 27 Sep ’13 by Chandra.Moore

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Smart Urban Density

As cities become more populated and the desire to increase the density of neighborhoods as a sustainable approach to urban growth becomes more prominent, the construction and renovation of mixed use buildings has become the smart choice for urban area development. The sustainable or environmentally friendly benefits of mixed use include, reduced greenhouse gas emissions […]

coG Studio 7 Jun ’13 by Teffera Kowalske

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