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orange toast: perspectives

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are you in tune with your circadian rhythm?

Have you ever felt sleepy mid-day for no reason at all, or experienced extreme jet lag? Our internal, biological clocks regulate our sleep and drive our circadian rhythms. These are consist of typical 24-hour cycles of physical, mental and behavioral changes. Most people are unaware of just how important our master clocks are and how […]

coG Studio 29 Aug ’16 by jessica frakes

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Urban Play Interventions Improve Access to Well-being

Play—daily play—is an integral factor in the quality of children’s development and well-being. Too often, parents and caregivers are not adequately enabled to include active and creative play in daily activities for their children or themselves. Image Source & Credit: Aisha Alexander, Director of Community Initiatives at Kaboom (an organization that advocates for play […]

coG Studio 24 Jun ’16 by Kara Klein

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Grown Up Play

Adulthood can be a difficult thing. There is always this urge to work; to keep our noses to the grind stone. Everything has a purpose. We never have the time to just let ourselves go and play. Play is often considered to be a childish thing. However, according to psychiatrist Stuart Brown play is just […]

coG Studio 22 Mar ’13 by robyn.burgos

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10 Unique Ways to Create Play in Your Neighborhood

Many kids today love video games, talking on the phone, searching the internet, and watching television.  Technology today has taken over every child’s mind, that sometimes they forget how to play. Its even harder for adults to get their child outside to play or even interact with their child due to all the technology.  Play […]

coG Studio 8 Mar ’13 by Chandra.Moore

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Play is an important part of childhood. We have already previously expressed this through our words. Now, coG-studio has the opportunity to show the creative force of play with an event. The Detroit Design Festival is next week and coG-studio will be a part of it. Our event “Creating Play” is designed to promote cooperative, […]

coG Studio 14 Sep ’12 by robyn.burgos

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