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orange toast: perspectives

tag: Office Design

Engaged or not Engaged, What is your workforce?

Leadership and management are often asking themselves these two questions;  How can our team be more motivated? How can they be more engaged while at work? These questions are leading management teams to the idea of creating the workplace as a “Third Space”.  The First Space (home), second space (work), third space (collaborative environment).  The […]

coG Studio 20 Apr ’18 by Alisha Hale

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5 Office Design Tips to Spark Creative Energy

Many CEO’s are trying to create a unique atmosphere that their employees can enjoy. Matthew May said “Our creativity is often determined by how actively engaged and focused we are. Sometimes our focus is dictated by the constraints, or rules, we apply to it.  The more we focus, the more we create. The more we […]

coG Studio 4 Apr ’14 by Chandra.Moore

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