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orange toast: perspectives

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Birwood Wall

With so much talk recently (from a certain politician) about building walls I thought it appropriate to talk about a wall we have right here in Detroit. I am not talking about a metaphorical wall of divide between classes, races, or sexes but an actual wall that was built to divide a white neighborhood from […]

coG Studio 9 Sep ’16 by Mollie Decker

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are you in tune with your circadian rhythm?

Have you ever felt sleepy mid-day for no reason at all, or experienced extreme jet lag? Our internal, biological clocks regulate our sleep and drive our circadian rhythms. These are consist of typical 24-hour cycles of physical, mental and behavioral changes. Most people are unaware of just how important our master clocks are and how […]

coG Studio 29 Aug ’16 by jessica frakes

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With all of the technological increases in the world today, we are starting to lose one of the most important things in life, face-to-face contact with people. This is a much stronger notion than most people realize and it can really have an impact on a person’s well-being and overall state of mind. Human beings […]

coG Studio 19 Feb ’16 by jessica frakes

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Family Ties

  The Issue: A common issue among families is spending quality time together. Considering school, extra curricular activities, work/work related events, TV, the internet, etc. families don’t spend as much time together at all. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day routine of working to provide for the family, but forgetting […]

coG Studio 17 Oct ’14 by Brittany.trapp

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Embracing a Child’s Point of View

With a predisposition to think creatively and pay attention to detail, young children naturally have an eye for design – particularly when it occurs at or below about three-feet six-inches. The visual horizon of a young child is much lower than that of an adult, and is so relevant to the design of children’s environments […]

coG Studio 21 Feb ’14 by Kara Klein

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